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I read Christine Flowers’ article on the Taliban and had to shake my head. Not that they are terrorists, but that they are comparable to ANTIFA. It is not an organization. It is a movement that came directly in reaction to the uprising of Nazi terrorists and white supremists. They, like our grandfathers or great-grandfathers before them, fought the Nazis in World War II. ANTIFA is an anagram for antifascist. They were also ANTIFA. Since when did this become a bad thing? They love democracy and America, what it stands for and what it has the potential to become. They are fighting the good fight for democracy the only way they know how, on the streets. Republicans certainly won’t do anything about it – in fact, they allow hate by ignoring it and trying to change the narrative. To make a reference as if they hate everything that “you” and America stand for, and that they are like the Taliban is a dangerous reference. To make matters worse, you said that the Black Lives Matters movement is also like the Taliban, that’s offensive. They are just sick of receiving different treatment and justice than white people



If you have access to a car, then why take a minimum wage job at Delco? You can drive 20 to 30 minutes in Delaware where the minimum wage is an additional $ 2 an hour. That’s $ 70 – $ 80 more per week for anyone working full time!


Here is a big thumbs up to all the scientists who are working hard to create vaccines to kill COVID. How about inventing something to cure stupidity?


Record number of COVID cases across the country, increase in hospitalizations, increase in COVID deaths, masks and social distancing warrants, markets are falling with another potential economic downturn on the horizon. Seems familiar? We’re going to see a repeat performance of 2020 throughout 2021. For that, you can thank the anti-vaccine propagandists with their “fear first” vaccine program. Their supporters are like stupid sheep who don’t understand the science or what is happening now to the thousands of people who are entering hospitals now and may never get out. It is amazing that in a country as advanced as the United States, we are putting our own citizens at risk, especially children under the age of 12, because of a refusal to see the truth. If the situation worsened, I would suspect that mandatory vaccinations would be in order.


I see a lot of similarities between Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Joe Biden, our current president. You know that FDR was a godsend for America at that time and it did so much for the American middle class worker. Joe Biden it’s just the same bolt. It is a boon to this country. and I would like to see another figure added to Mount Rushmore in the Black Hills of Joe Biden. He is just as brave and good to the American people as FDR was.


Selfish people at fault

I saw an article on the news and it was stated that masks and vaccinations have become controversial topics in this country. The only reason this is contentious is because of the extremely stupid and extremely selfish people who think they shouldn’t have to wear masks and shouldn’t have to be vaccinated. There should be no problem with people wearing masks and getting vaccinated. But only in this country where people are so selfish and stupid that they think they think they are above wearing masks and above having to be vaccinated.


I call on Republicans who are pushing back the expansion of the Internal Revenue Service with deficits of around $ 2,000 billion. We need every dollar we can find, and if people are not filing their taxes properly, we need to find a source to raise that income. I don’t understand why anyone would push this off. It’s just that it would benefit their high incomes.



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