State ‘audit’ of 2020 elections wastes taxpayers time and money



If it weren’t so bad, it would be funny. Gov. Greg Abbott turns around and accepts an “audit” of the state’s 2020 election results, as demanded by former President Trump, who continues to promote the absurd lie that Democrats stole the election from him. But unlike other states where Trump has called for a recount, he actually won in Texas two years ago, like nearly every other Republican legislative candidate and statewide candidate.

To put it plainly, what is this unnecessary audit supposed to prove? Than Trump and all the other Republicans in Texas really Did he win… as any sane person in this state realized the day after the election?

Privately, these state officials and many Republican voters undoubtedly understand that Biden won fairly, but they can’t or won’t admit it publicly. So they swallow their dignity and play with the sulky ex-president – while taxpayers foot the bill.

So get ready for an audit of the vote in four of the state’s most populous counties – Harris, Dallas, Tarrant and Collin counties. Of those counties, Trump won in Collin County while Biden won the other three. And it’s no wonder that in a state where some city dwellers vote Democratic while a majority of Texans vote Republican.

Despite various investigations into electoral fraud over the years, only a handful of cases have been discovered. Each of them should be prosecuted, of course, but the reality is that millions of votes are cast in Texas in every statewide election with virtually no problem. It is a tribute to the election protections already in place and to the integrity of our election officials – in both parties. If Democrats rig the election in Texas, they are doing it very badly.

Former Texas Secretary of State Ruth Hughs even said the 2020 election was “simple and safe,” an admission that contradicted Trump’s claims and cost Hughs his job. For this heresy, Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick refused to let the state Senate vote on his confirmation this year, and the post is now vacant.

Texans should also realize that Trump’s request for a Texas audit came just hours after his Arizona recount request was exposed as another empty quest. The Arizona 2020 vote audit confirmed that President Biden did indeed win the state. He even got a few more votes, and this bizarre audit by a private company (with no real election audit experience) came after two state audits. All of them revealed only minor changes in vote totals, which invariably occurs when millions of votes are recounted. There is no reason to believe the Texas audit will be any different.

It is a waste of taxpayers’ time and money. Abbott and Heads of State have plenty of other issues they could focus on, such as a foster care system that has been broken for years and a winter ahead with questions over capacity. of our electricity grid to manage another freeze. If Trump is to obsess over his loss two years ago and lie about it, that’s his business. Texans should live in the real world and devote our attention to the significant challenges that we and our children face.



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