Summary of inter-Korean news this week


SEOUL, March 25 (Yonhap) — Here is a summary of this week’s inter-Korean news.

(LEAD) Yoon warns North Korea won’t gain anything from provocations after ICBM launch

SEOUL (Reuters) – President-elect Yoon Suk-yeol warned North Korea on Friday that it would gain nothing from provocations, a day after the North successfully tested a huge intercontinental ballistic missile capable of hitting all United States. United.

“I sternly warn North Korea that there is nothing to be gained from provocations,” Yoon wrote on his Facebook page. “The Republic of Korea will preserve freedom and peace by strengthening its security.”

(2nd LD) Moon says North Korea’s missile launch violates moratorium on ICBM testing

SEOUL (Reuters) – President Moon Jae-in on Thursday condemned North Korea’s launch of what is believed to be an intercontinental ballistic missile, saying leader Kim Jong-un had rescinded a self-imposed moratorium on long-range missile testing.

Moon made the remarks while presiding over an emergency meeting of the National Security Council (NSC) convened shortly after the North fired a long-range ballistic missile towards the East Sea, Cheong said. Wa Dae in a statement.

(LEAD) Presidential transition team calls NK ICBM launch ‘serious provocation’

SEOUL — President-elect Yoon Suk-yeol’s transition team on Thursday strongly condemned North Korea’s firing of an apparent intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) toward the East Sea.

The transition committee said in a statement that the launch of the ICBM “was a serious provocation that threatens our security”, adding that it was “in direct violation of UN Security Council resolutions”.

(LEAD) South Korea’s military conducts missile drills following North Korea’s provocation

SEOUL — South Korea’s armed forces conducted a joint live-fire exercise on Thursday involving some of their main missiles in a show of firepower against North Korea.

The military fired the missiles from land, sea and air from the East Sea hours after the North launched an intercontinental ballistic missile into the sea, according to the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS ).

(LEAD) Transition team says unification ministry will not be abolished

SEOUL — The new government of President-elect Yoon Suk-yeol will not abolish the Unification Ministry in charge of relations with North Korea, but will help restore its “clean functioning”, the transition team announced on Wednesday.

The unification ministry has been mentioned as one of the ministries that could be eliminated as part of the new administration’s government reorganization plan, along with the gender and family ministry.

South Korea pushes to release secret files on key inter-Korean talks

SEOUL – South Korea’s government is seeking to reveal historical records of the inter-Korean talks that have been kept secret for half a century, an informed source said on Wednesday, a move that could offer the public a chance to gain greater insight. some turning points in the tumultuous ties between the two Koreas.

Earlier this year, the Unification Ministry issued a guideline to establish a legal basis on disclosing documents of past inter-Korean talks, and it is currently conducting an internal review, according to the source, who spoke on covered with anonymity.

(2nd LD) Yoon says recent NK artillery fire violates inter-Korean military agreement

SEOUL — President-elect Yoon Suk-yeol said Tuesday that recent artillery fire by North Korea was a violation of an inter-Korean military agreement on reducing tensions.

Yoon made the remark during a meeting with members of his transition team, two days after the South Korean military said North Korea had fired four rounds of multiple rocket launchers into the Yellow Sea.

NK weekend artillery fire did not violate inter-Korean agreement: defense minister

SEOUL — Defense Minister Suh Wook on Tuesday rejected President-elect Yoon Suk-yeol’s claim that North Korean artillery fire over the weekend violated a 2018 inter-Korean military tension reduction agreement.

During a parliamentary session, Suh said the North fired the shots on Sunday from a site ‘far north’ of a buffer zone in the Yellow Sea that the two Koreas had agreed to set up as part of their Comprehensive Military Agreement (CMA).


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