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A nice gift for someone going through a tough time.

Known by many different names, angels appear in many cultures and religious traditions. No matter how the concept of an angel exists in a person’s mind, the very idea that there are higher beings offering love and guidance can elicit feelings of hope and comfort. As such, The Little Book of Angels is a wonderful gift for someone struggling with the lemons of life.

It may be a small book, but author Lisa Dyer contains a wealth of knowledge. She teaches the hierarchy of angels and the different characteristics of specific characters, as well as how to connect with them when needed. As mentioned, angels are relevant in several different world traditions, from Christianity to Zoroastrianism. Dyer acknowledges the different interpretations of angels without pushing the idea that any representation is the right one.

After the chapters on the Hierarchy of Angels, Archangels, Your Guardian Angel, and Angel Powers, Dyer provides information on how to summon Angels. The final chapter is filled with blessings and invocations that can be used to relieve common problems, such as overcoming fear and having peaceful sleep. Again, whether or not a reader thinks these invocations will work, it can bring comfort just to utter them.

The information it contains is provided in small chunks, but remains comprehensive. Although this book is an introduction, it covers a lot of ground. Especially for those who are completely new to the subject of angels, this is a very satisfying read. That said, readers who are already familiar with the idea of ​​angelic beings may also find this book wonderful. It certainly helps to have all the information in one concise place!

To help solidify the reader’s understanding of the concepts within, there are also quotes about angels interwoven between the chapters. Plus, the book is beautifully presented, with a matte hardcover and nice, simple graphics.

Whether you are a spiritual person, looking for inspiration, or just want to feel someone has your back, The Little Book of Angels is one to add to your collection.

Reviewed by Vanessa Elle
Instagram: @vanessaellewrites

This review is the opinion of the reviewer and not Glam Adelaide.

Distributed by: Allen and Unwin
Published: March 2022
Recommended retail price: $12.99

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