The new authoritarians, COVID-19 and the war on the human’


Dr. Naomi Wolf, in her new book, “The Bodies of Others: The New Authoritarians, COVID-19 and The War Against the Human”, writes a fascinating account of her experiences, fears and challenges during the COVID period. from 2020 to early 2022.

His main concern in the book is the erosion of American freedoms and basic human rights. She believes that extraordinary powers have been granted to elitist minorities and global bodies. She talks about the disappearance of American freedoms.

Author Naomi Wolf at the 2012 Texas Book Festival in Austin, Texas. (Public domain)

The new authorities

Many of the new authoritarians emerged from meta-national organizations founded after World War II, such as the World Trade Organization and the United Nations. These groups have created a global elite of policymakers, nonprofit leaders, and bureaucrats, who have no core American values ​​at heart and operate globally beyond a unitary culture. .

Wolf says America has been hurt. She talks about a plan that the new authoritarians have implemented to crush Western economies and steal the assets of the working and middle classes.

Wolf says mass vaccination of an incompletely tested substance helps this plan because it leads to the imposition of vaccine passports. People have to show their papers everywhere they go, that’s what happens in police states. These passports represent a digital identity system similar to those in communist China.


Wolf writes extensively about how disease outbreaks in the past have always been handled differently from the COVID-19 crisis. Despite all the devastation caused by past crises, civilization and commerce have not stopped. Fear and misinformation have also not been disseminated in the past. Lockdowns were non-existent.

Wolf talks about the huge psychological consequences of blockages and masking. Among them are the lack of community support, fear, shack fever, generations crammed on top of each other in a small space, and the alienation engendered by computer screens.

Add to that the problem of just getting out in the fresh air and exercising outside the house. As a result, many people have become pale, fearful, obsessive, phobic and sad. Others fell ill and some died.

She says the tech community has reared its ugly head trying to replace what’s real with a fake virtual version of reality. Social media has replaced real discussions. Amazon persuaded people that it was neither fun nor useful to go to the local supermarket or simply window shop. Etsy and Craigslist rivaled the excitement of the countryside and found veritable garage sales. Nintendo has replaced sports.

Children are mostly about Wolf. Lockdowns and masks have limited children’s play opportunities, restricted their ability to see faces and interact socially. They were kept away from school. They were taught to avoid touch. The younger generation has paid a disastrous price, and counting. Parents who questioned these boundaries were branded terrorists.

The war against humans

I think the best part of the book comes when Wolf talks to the reader, human to human, about the dehumanization of society. She clearly sees the intention of the authoritarians to divide and, even worse, to dissolve human society.

Identity politics has caused a rapid acceleration to achieve the goal of divisiveness. Then came a new twist: medical apartheid. The mainstream media (MSM) hailed the vaccinated as heroes; they were considered superior to the unvaccinated. Despite the deterioration in the effectiveness of the so-called vaccine, MSM launched a rigorous marketing campaign for “boosters”.

All aspects of daily life were becoming more and more complicated for the unvaccinated. Companies have laid off some, agencies have restricted travel and entertainment opportunities, and their friends have left them. Some people have gone so far as to call to refuse unvaccinated medical care.

Unvaccinated for medical and personal reasons, Wolf was subject to segregation. Among the indignities she suffered were being banned from participating in social events she had previously attended, the refusal of a close friend in her 40s to sit with her in a restaurant, exclusions from organizations and the impossibility of going to the graduation ceremony. of a loved one. Wolf says, “Cruelty has become as contagious as any disease.”

Two stories tell of the cruelty she suffered. When Wolf was in New York, she ate in places reserved for vaccinees. She was interrogated and made very uncomfortable. She was not penalized, but it was a real possibility.

On another occasion during the lockdown, Wolf decided she didn’t want to do weekly Shabbat services through Zoom. She had just moved and did not know the members of her synagogue. She asked if they could set up folding chairs a respectable social distance from each other in the parking lot outside the temple. She thought that was reasonable, as Jewish life had survived for over 4,000 years under the most hostile conditions. His wish was not granted.

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Cover of “The Bodies of Others: The New Authoritarians, COVID-19, and the War on Humanity” by Naomi Wolf. (all-season press)

Ultimately, what Wolf describes in his book is a spiritual battle where “one side fights for the human soul targeting the human body that houses it, a body made in the image of God: the temple of God “.

Wolf attended Yale, where she earned a bachelor’s degree, and Oxford University, where she earned her doctorate. According to the description on LinkedIn, she is CEO of DailyClout, a data-driven civic and press society. She is a non-fiction writer who has penned eight international and NYT bestsellers. She had four syndicated columns.

Wolf gained national recognition as an outspoken feminist with “The Beauty Myth” (1991) and once supported high-profile Democratic politicians. Although he has written several books, many of which were bestsellers, Wolf does not live in an ivory tower. She often speaks out on her website, DailyClout, and publicly joins protests on issues close to her heart.

I recommend readers check out Wolf’s DailyClout for the latest information on the article published by Pfizer which gives the full story on the non-COVID vaccine.

“The bodies of others: the new authoritarians, COVID-19 and the war against the human”
By Naomi Wolf
Press all seasons, May 31, 2022
Hardcover: 350 pages


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