“Time Out” and “Things in Oakwood’s Past”



Horror show Season 3 continues to provide the thrills most people are looking for in October. This week, audiences saw segments titled “Time Out” and “The Things in Oakwood’s Past”. The latter of the two was an animated special, which isn’t the first time Horror show immersed himself in the world of animation. Here’s what we thought of the latest episode of Shudder’s horror series.

Danielle Harris as Marnie in ‘Things From the Past Oakwood’ segment | Photo credit: thrill

“Time Out” shows that nothing is free

The first segment in Horror show is directed by Jeffrey F. January and written by Barrington Smith and Paul Seetachit. It stars Matthew Barnes, Devon Hales, Jibre Hordges, Lauren Richards, Jabari Marshall, Grant Feely, Shannon Eubanks, Kamran Shaikh, Emerson Bennett, Jody Whitehurst, David Alexander Kaplan, Garrett Zehner.

Shudder’s official summary reads: “Tim finds the answer to his wish to always have more hours in the day, but the success he can now achieve might not be worth the cost. “

The expression “not enough hours in the day” takes on a whole new meaning in this story. Tim, our main character, has achievable ambitions, but he just needs a little more time to do it all. He finds an answer to his problem, but there is a catch, as with anything in this world.

The first segment of this episode of Horror show scary aim, but in the end it does not hit its target. We’re used to the characters in the show only getting their desserts. Still, this one felt particularly hopeless, which is unusual for the series.

The acting is stable and the lead role gives a believable performance. However, we would have preferred more fears than tears in this segment.

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“The Things in Oakwood’s Past” is the first animated segment of season 3 of “Creepshow”

The second segment of this week’s episode benefits from the vocal talent of three big stars. Greg Nicotero has two behind-the-scenes roles as one of the segment’s directors and screenwriter. Dave Newberg assists the special effects guru in the directing department, while Daniel Kraus is in the other writing niche.

Mark Hamill, who has worked with Nicotero several times before, as well as Certified Scream Queen Danielle Harris and Ron Livingston, provide the voices for this segment. Shudder’s summary reads: “The town of Oakwood has a history steeped in history, and opening a time capsule is an exciting moment of remembrance. But can a local librarian prevent a darker part of the city’s history is repeating itself? “

Horror show has done special animations before, and the show still does them well. The animation is never typical, and the style of it is reminiscent of the old Scooby doo episodes. Harris, who has been familiar with voice acting for all of her time on Nickelodeon Wild thorns, brings her personal touch to the role of Marnie, the librarian. Livingston’s voice was instantly recognizable as a local reporter, and his chemistry and Harris’s worked well together. Hamill had a smaller role in the segment but was excellent nonetheless.

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Where to watch season 3 of “Creepshow”

The anthology series airs exclusively on Shudder with new episodes every Thursday. Throughout 3 seasons, Horror show perfectly straddled the boundary between horror and camp. This opens up opportunities for those who want more horror than the gore and gore of other Halloween offerings.



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