Tom Hawkins tackle assessed, retired Sun Jarrod Harbrow accused


The AFL informs that the match review of Saturday’s matches of Matchday 23 is over. A charge was laid and another incident required a detailed explanation.

Jarrod Harbrow, SUNS of the Gold Coast, was charged with Forceful Front-On Contact against Isaac Heeney, Sydney Swans in the second quarter of the Matchday 23 game between the Gold Coast Suns and the Sydney Swans, played at Marvel Stadium on Saturday August 21, 2021.

In short, he can accept a penalty of $ 2,000 with an early plea.

Based on the available evidence, the incident was rated as reckless driving, low impact, high contact. The incident was classified as a penalty of $ 3,000 as a first offense. The player can accept a penalty of $ 2,000 with an early plea.

Evaluated incident:
The incident between Tom Hawkins of Geelong and Clayton Oliver of Melbourne in the third quarter of Saturday’s game between the Geelong Cats and Melbourne played at the GMHBA stadium has been assessed. Oliver is in possession of the ball in Melbourne’s 50 defensive end and, as he gets rid of the ball, Hawkins applies a tackle from behind. The MRO was of the view that there was not enough intense contact with force to constitute a reportable offense. No further action was taken.



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