Weekly review: Los Angeles Chargers vs Denver Broncos preview


Thursday: Ekeler’s journey in the NFL

Chargers defensive coordinator Renaldo Hill spoke on Thursday of the home body trio of the Broncos consisting of Courtland Sutton, Tim Patrick and Jerry Jeudy. Hill, who played it safe for the Broncos and was also a coach in Denver, explained what makes the Broncos’ offense difficult to defend.

“The most important thing just being with these guys out there is the size factor,” Hill said. “Even when you think you’ve covered and matched them, that size can take over. We’ve got to do a good job playing with those big guys this week. Then you’ve got a sneaky guy with it. [WR Jerry] Jeudy inside, which can create separation. I think we just need to identify where these guys line up and make sure we have eyes on them – sometimes two eyes on them, especially Jeudy. When he’s in the niche, we have to be able to identify him, but we also have to be able to take care of those guys on the outside lane with the size. “

Speaking of the Chargers offense, offensive coordinator Joe Lombardi explained what it was like to work with running back Austin Ekeler, who grew up and went to college in Colorado and went from undrafted free agent in the NFL.

“He has met the highest level of those expectations,” said Lombardi. “He’s so efficient. He’s not a big guy, but he runs big. He runs strong. He has good vision. He’s a good receiver out of the backfield who catches the ball, and then when he has it, good things are happening. He’s a tough guy to tackle. There aren’t many guys like him who can run between tackles as efficiently as he can, but can also be on the perimeter. as a catcher on the roads, and being such a dangerous guy in space. “

Take a look at what Fangio, quarterback Teddy Bridgewater and others had to say about the Chargers throughout the week.


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