Writer not happy with column about abolishing MLK Day


I was very pleased that The Laurinburg Exchange had front-page coverage of “Remembering MLK” and “Celebrating 90 years…Mama Lou.” I found every article very uplifting, I read every word.

What a feeling of disappointment and discouragement to see on The Opinion, Page 4A, My View, “Ending the day of Martin Luther King”. I felt and still feel alarmed by the decision to elevate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr on the front page of the January 15, 2022 edition and just three pages later page 4A features an article mean-spirited, “Ending Martin Luther King Day”.

The writer sounds devilishly cheerful in his statement – ​​notice to end MLK Day. In light of the FBI’s sordid history of corruption, intimidation, abuse of power, and shameful treatment of MLK, other organizers, and civil rights supporters, why give their reporting such credibility?

I’m curious if the writer plans to do such an op-ed on George Washington and call for a “George Washington Suppression Day”, or other powerful men of a different hue of MLK on the basis of FBI reports and biographers?

I’m even more curious about The Laurinburg Exchange’s intention to publish such a contradictory and hostile article to “Remembering MLK” in the same edition…

Ella Gibson



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