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As part of efforts to ensure that we continue to attract and retain top talent and remain competitive at current market rates, the University of West Virginia has adjusted its entry rate of pay for employees at $ 12 an hour, effective now. 1st of August.

WVU is also reviewing the salaries of current employees in similar positions with the aim of reducing instances of salary compression and salary reversals.

Wage compression occurs when an employee who has been in a job for a while earns less than new hires in the same job. Salary reversal refers to situations in which the starting salaries of new hires increase faster than those of existing employees.

The entry rate increase program applies to classified employees who are currently between pay levels 6 and 8. Employees currently at pay levels 6 to 8 will receive an increase of $ 12 per hour or 5-7%, whichever is greater. An additional review for employees approaching the maximum of their pay scale will be considered.

The program also applies to employees classified in pay levels 9 and 10 who currently earn less than $ 12 per hour. The minimum rate for employees currently at pay levels 9 and 10 will be increased to $ 12 per hour.

The entry rate increase program does not apply to working students, who will continue to be paid at the rate determined by the department or unit in which they are employed.

To note: Employees must have an overall score above “Development Needed” on their most recent performance appraisal to be eligible for the program. Additionally, employees should not be actively disciplined. For classified employees, this means that the employee should not be actively disciplined with a second or more warning letter.

Any salary adjustment for eligible employees went into effect on August 1 and the updated salaries will be reflected on an employee’s paycheck on August 27.

New recruits will be recruited at the new entry rate ($ 12 per hour), effective August 1.

Visit the Talent and Culture website for more information. Contact your HR partner with any questions. You can also contact the WVU compensation team at [email protected] or 304-293-5700 ext. 6.


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